Satellite Projects

          Apart from the three major projects, MSS also operates the following Satellite Projects.



Ashokwan was established in the year 1957 and is entirely managed and run by about 50 leprosy survivors. Agriculture is the chief activity here and soybean, cereals, pulses, and crops like jowar, wheat, tur (split red gram), chana (bengal gram), til (sesame seed) etc. are cultivated. Vegetables like okra, chilly and fruits like oranges and guavas are grown as well. Animal husbandry and an established dairy also contribute to the Ashokwan economy. Whatever is produced is consumed by the residents. 


Gramin Vikas Prakalp’ (A Centre for Social Action), at Mulgavan in Jhari Jamni Tehsil, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra, initiated on 2nd October 2006, continued with implementation of outreach programmes.

Watershed management programmes were initiated at Mulgavan at a nearby rivulet. On this rivulet, a check dam was constructed using cement concrete reinforced with waste plastic, used vehicle tires, sand and bamboo. In addition to this several open wells and farm ponds have also been dug.

 Every month Dr. Ashok Belkhode from Kinwat, Nanded visits Mulgavan and treats patients. He also conducts minor surgeries whenever required. 


Nagepalli was established in June 1973. 20 acres of land was granted by the government and 13 acres of land donated by Maria at Khamanacheru. A total of 33 acres of land is under cultivation which is managed by 10 families of cured leprosy patients. Rice, soyabean, tomato, brinjal, okra and fruits like chickoo, mango, lemon, orange, sweet lime etc. are all grown seasonally. Dairy also contributes to the economy of Nagepalli. It used to and still serves as a transit camp for anyone going to or coming from Hemalkasa.