Anandwan has always been an experimental playground for innovation and successful implementation for projects that have been socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. 

Anandwan's vision is to transform itself into India's first 'Smart Village' which will be at the forefront of all human developmental activities without altering Anandwan's core values. It will also serve as an incubation centre and a training hub and be a model for other villages to emulate. 

Anandwan Smart Village Project essentially addresses the issue of faulty rural development by setting up an innovative example of SMART village development and aspires to put forth a vision which other villages should willingly follow. In order to maintain an appropriate balance of development, our approach is not only of constructing roads and buildings alone but also focuses on areas that improve overall quality of village life through full economic & employment integration, better healthcare facilities, good educational infrastructure, technological services, alternative and sustainable energy options, judicious and effective use of natural resources and secular & participatory governance.

  • Today, 100% of Anandwan population drinks filtered water & uses toilets.
  • Further, Anandwan conserves over 900 million liters of water/year.
  • To eliminate indoor air pollution, a large biogas plant of 400 cubic meters/day processing 5 tons cow dung & 3 tons kitchen waste generated from cooking for over 2,500 people in common kitchens.
  • We plant over 100,000 trees a year and reduce fuel costs from 52 cylinders to 18 per day. Our solar cooking plant saves an additional 9 cylinders/day.
  • Solar energy electrifies all dormitories and pumps in farms.
  • We use modern healthcare diagnostics in our hospitals and research leading agrarian and irrigation engineering practices.
  • MSS is particular about maintaining the balance between the delicate fabric of natural ecosystem and technological advancement. MSS constantly works to innovate appropriate tools and technology which may be potential solutions for the judicious and sustainable usage of natural resources. Through various projects such as development of forests through Multi-tier Silvipasture System, Plastic Reuse and Biological Waste Management, Rehabilitation of Mines, Rid the Weed, Low Cost-High Quality Housing and Plastic Tyre Check Dams, MSS has been innovating for development and propagation of appropriate rural technology.
  • Today, most of the energy consumption at Anandwan premises has been purposefully externalised. There are solar pumps that are used for agricultural purposes.
  • Solar water heating systems have been installed in the dormitories of leprosy patients that reduce energy consumption.
  • To reduce its carbon footprint, Anandwan is planning to plant fast growing biomass banks, specialised forests over 100-acre land that will rapidly recreate biodiversity and attract wildlife.
  • There will be sewage treatment plants for reuse of every drop of water that is wasted.
  • The plastic waste in Anandwan is cleaned and reused for making mattresses, pillows and bricks.
  • Most of the cow-dung is used in the biogas and remaining is channelized for organic agriculture.
  • Anandwan is also planning many green buildings that will reduce the need of electricity and participate in rain-water harvesting.
  • Anandwan also has 9 large ponds that conserve all the water falling on the land and serve as carbon sinks. 

Anandwan has recently won a prestigious award as 'Innovative Energy Project of the Year - Energy Efficienc and Renewable Energy' from The Association of Energy Engineers, Washington D.C., USA which was conferred upon at the 39th World Energy Engineering Congress.